The Janki Centre is both adult- and child-friendly. We were ranked fourth in the “Child-friendly shopping centres” list prepared by Colliers, an advisory company. The survey examined the opinion of parents about 32 shopping centres in the Warsaw agglomeration.

Family rooms:
There are family rooms in our Centre, which can be used by mums to feed and change their toddlers without haste and stress and in a nice atmosphere.


Kiddie rides:
The kiddie rides that can be found in our Centre are extremely popular with our youngest clients.

The Janki Centre was awarded the KidZone 2013 Quality Mark
The Janki Centre, located in Janki near Warsaw, was granted the KidZone 2013 Quality Mark, awarded to companies implementing modern child-friendly solutions. The Janki Centre is one of the first shopping centres in Poland to receive the KidsZone certificate.

The Janki Centre pays great attention to high quality and safety. The Centre systematically adds new attractions for the youngest clients. In 2013, an interactive play area for kids that implemented state-of-the-art technologies, including Augmented Reality, was opened in the Centre. Children aged 3-7 can also use our interactive floor and multi-touch table, which help them exercise their imagination, sharpen their reflexes and improve their social skills.

“We are extremely happy that our shopping centre was awarded the KidZone certificate. It testifies to the fact that the Janki Centre is a family-friendly place. We will continue to make every endeavour to ensure that the quality of our products and services aimed at children remains at the highest level and to search for new child-friendly solutions” – says Anna Walerych, General Manager of the Janki Centre.

The KidsZone Quality Mark project is carried out under the auspices of the Ombudsman for Children. Its aim is to recognize and promote entities to whom the quality of products and services for children is of key importance.


The Janki Centre makes it possible for the disabled visiting the Centre to rent a wheelchair free of charge. We want to ensure that you do not experience any difficulties when visiting our Centre and to make sure your visit to the Centre pleasant. Everyone with mobility problems can rent a wheelchair. To use a wheelchair, please inform the Client Service Desk of the Janki Centre at: 22 711 30 00 so that our staff can bring a wheelchair to the Client Centre or the car park.