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The Greek island of Ithaca, which inspired our name and logotype, symbolizes long journeys and exciting returns home. We started ours in 1989, becoming the largest Polish travel agency in 2012. We invite you for holidays in all inclusive hotels on the most famous beaches in the world, to the ITAKA’s Friends Clubs, we recommend ItaKarma hotels with a unique formula of holidays for adults, round trips and city breaks. We offer full service packages including hotel, flight, meals and resident care, hotels for self-travel and dynamically packaged trips – a new look at the client’s needs. Experience and knowledge of the market make us a trusted organizer of groups, conferences and incentive trips.

ITAKA’s showrooms in prestigious shopping malls, designed with the comfort and good mood of the client in mind, are a place where we meet you directly. Our vacation experts are waiting for you here, always ready to provide professional advice and share their impressions and experience from study trips and training courses. The extensive competences of our Advisors cover every aspect of travel: from knowledge about the hotels and tours offered, current promotions, through knowledge of entry regulations and the necessary documents, to advice on choosing the best insurance.

Phone: 22 720 21 21
Email: warszawa.janki@fc.itaka.pl